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Manvel Dental & Implant Center offers same-day denture repair at our on-site lab! We also specialize in first-time dentures, building them to your specifications! For any remaining teeth, we perform dental extractions while keeping your pain to a minimum. If something does happen to your teeth, we can fix it using our restorative treatments, helping you restore the beauty of your smile.

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You can be assured your dentures from Manvel Dental & Implant Center will provide you with proper function, durability, and comfortability, allowing you to live your best life with an aesthetic smile!

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are full-coverage oral prosthetic devices that replace an entire arch of missing teeth. They exist in two types, conventional and immediate. The former is made after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has had time to heal, whereas the latter is fitted at once. They are removable appliances used when all teeth within a jaw are absent, and prosthetic restoration is necessary. Unlike a partial denture, a complete denture relies solely on soft tissues for support. It may face natural teeth, a partial or complete denture, fixed appliances, or other soft tissues.

Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures, or fixed-detachable dentures, are ideal for replacing missing teeth and gum tissue. Precise CAD/CAM technology is used to mill a custom implant bar with acrylic teeth which attach to the bar via abutment screws.

If you have significant bone loss in your jaws and are looking for permanent teeth, a Hybrid Denture is the perfect solution. Unlike porcelain bridges that don’t replace gum tissue, Hybrid Dentures feature pink acrylic between teeth to mimic their natural appearance.

Immediate Dentures

After removing a patient’s teeth, immediate dentures are inserted into the mouth. With an immediate denture, you can begin to eat and speak with your new teeth. There are several advantages to an immediate denture. The most crucial factor is that you will only appear with teeth! While you still have some natural teeth in your mouth, it is easier to duplicate their shape, color, and arrangement.

Deluxe Dentures

Deluxe dentures are a terrific option compared to traditional dentures. We can use top-notch denture teeth and acrylic characterization to provide outstanding results that look natural but may not hold up well for functionality.

Implants have come far since their inception, and the procedure includes surgically installing a fixture on the jawbone that links with the dentures. It is an ideal solution for those who wear dentures! The specifics of this method depend on the circumstances, and several methods could be employed for this purpose.

Rejuvenating Dentures

Our Rejuvenating dentures are the most comfortable offering to our patients at Manvel Dental & Implant center. Even though they cost more, they offer superior fit, function, and aesthetics. People may even think you’ve had a facelift.

In addition, dental implant costs can be reduced for patients who need complete upper and lower tooth replacement with snap-on dentures!

Snap-On Dentures

Instead of glue or adhesive, the snap-on dentures are secured to the jaw using implant snaps anchored in the jaw bone. Snap-on dentures are palate-less dentures fitted with rubber housings on the internal base. These rubber housings will cover each mini-implant.

How Does The Snap-On Denture Clip Down?

To snap, clip, anchor, or lock the mini implants, the snap-on dentures sit over their heads. The strong grip provides the patient with bite stability and strength to chew. First, press them against your gums with your fingers. Then, to unlock them, apply the same pressure. You can snap them on and off as many times as you need!

Mini Implants – The Root

The mini implant system anchors your denture and strengthens your jawbone through a minimally invasive surgery by Dr. Collins. It comprises a miniature titanium alloy implant that functions as a root for your tooth and a retaining fixture incorporated into your denture base.

Snap On Dentures – The Teeth

The snap-in or snap-on denture is a removable, palate-less denture. It snaps on and off as needed and is made from soft plastic. When the denture is gently pressed against the mini implants, the snap or “clip” occurs—providing a removable solution with a strong bite! Snap-on dentures grant you the stability and strength to eat food like nuts, apples, carrots, etc. They are not permanent dentures.

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Manvel Dental & Implant Center is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer a full suite of services, including All on 4, Denture. Sleep apnea, Dental implant, Wisdom tooth extraction etc.


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Renae Williams
Renae Williams
Everyone is this office is amazing! From the lady who took my payment as well as the ladies that took my x-rays and scans, they were all super nice. Bre did everything she could to make sure I was approved for financing that was within my budget and Kristina was a sweetheart. Dr. Collins loves what he does and explains everything you need to know. He really helps you feel relax.
Oct 27, 2022
Shontai Thomas
Shontai Thomas
Normally I have anxiety right before a dental appointment. Dr. Collins and his staff were very professional. I learned a lot about myself today. Dental problems have a huge impact on our lives. Thank you so much for the pleasant experience today! I will definitely be back 💙
Nov 03, 2022
Lee Desiree D
Lee Desiree D
Waiting time is unexceptionable, staff and assistance try their best with this unprofessional doctor. He made my permanent bridges on both side of my mouth when I actually came in for implants. The lab made them twice and if felt too big for my mouth which by the way came off at some point and had to be reglued (hence not permanent at all). I was had for almost 4 thousand out of pocket only to go somewhere else in less than a year to remove them. He had also informed me of doing work on my upper mouth when I did not need it. New patients be aware and do your research on this place.
Feb 11, 2023
Matt W
Matt W
Been going to manvel dental for a few months now unfortunately i needed bone and full hybrid bridges. That's the worst part. The best part is all the staff front & back, gino & dr. Collins. These guys are awesome 0 pain form day 1. There facility is amazing, clean, and relaxing. I am 40 and never thought I'd like going to the dentist but the cowboy dentist is just to cool to pass on
Feb 21, 2023
Ola Williams
Ola Williams
GREAT and THANKS are the only words I can share with you about this office and employees. I have been using this office for years, and the service has always been magnificent. I have gotten extractions and implants, and I have been truly satisfied.
Mar 06, 2023

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